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Ethernet cable

KTV Systems can also repair telephone lines and sockets and add extra telephone points to your home.

With more and more devices such as smart TVs and home consoles as well as computers needing access to broadband there is always the risk you can't get the broadband signal through wireless. A lot of houses in the local area are older houses in which the walls are too thick or the distance is too great to send the broadband signals through wireless.

We can install network cabling and sockets discreetly to your home. As ever-more sophisticated technology enters the home and office, CAT 6 or 7 cabling systems provide an infrastructure capable of handling large data volumes and file sizes. Installing such cabling systems in domestic settings is becoming increasingly popular as we embrace new technologies. Capable of handling large data over long distances (up to 350 meters) ensures CAT 5 systems can link PCs, audio visual systems and other platforms around the home or office.

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